SDSU Children's Center Video Transcript

SDSU Children's Center

Quality Child Care Provided by the Associated Students

The video begins with a close-up of the SDSU Children's Center entrance. A young woman walks out of the front door, while a young child runs out of the door simultaneously. Subtitle: Serving both the San Diego and SDSU communities.

Three women are standing in a circle talking. These women are in front of the pick-up and drop-off zone. Subtitle: Easy access and drop-off.

Next, you see a long hallway with a woman sitting at a desk. She is on the computer. The hallway walls are painted a mango color and you can see chairs and benches along the walls. Subtitle: 60,000 square feet of classroom space on one acre.

A young child is riding his bike on a pathway outside.

A woman holds the hands of three different toddlers and helps direct them down a hallway. Subtitle: Classrooms for children six months through pre-kindergarten.

A young woman uses a board-game to help two children learn about nutrition. The children are interacting and talking with each other.

An older lady is seen in a kitchen preparing meals for the children. You then see an adult supervisor with four young girls eating at a table. Subtitle: Three meals served per day.

Then you see two toddlers playing together at a table. Subtitle: Diapers included for all children.

An older lady is now reading a book to a group of children who are listening attentively. Subtitle: RadKIDS safety classes for pre-kindergarten.

A young boy has a paint brush in his hand and you can see paintings on the wall in the background. The young boy is painting his hand instead of paper. Subtitle: Language.

A young girl is using a hammer-like object to fasten different colored wooden shapes onto a wooden block. Subtitle: Math.

Four children are outside moving rocks around and playing in the dirt. One boy picks up a worm and shows it to the video-camera. Subtitle: Science.

Two young children, a girl and a boy, are flipping through books together. Subtitle: Reading and writing.

A young girl is bent over a sandpit while holding on to a small shovel. She eventually stands up. Subtitle: Motor development.

An older man is seen in a bigger sandpit with children as they build sand castles and dig holes. Subtitle: Unique environment.

A young boy then fills a small shovel with water.

Next, you see another young boy riding his bike next to a playground. Subtitle: Natural play yards.

A young girl and boy are sitting together on a seesaw as it goes up and down.

While supervised by an intern, five children are using paint to put their handprints on paper. Subtitle: Campus interns provide additional adult/child interaction.

Three children are seen walking around in a circle holding different fruit cut-outs. One girl is holding a paper watermelon. Subtitle: Social-emotional skills.

Two young boys are playing with plastic dinosaurs and laughing. Subtitle: Quality education, learning through play.

The video concludes with a toddler sucking his thumb.

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Children's Center Video: produced by Amy Schiller and Robin Judd. Shot and edited by CJ Capes. This has been a production of Associated Students, San Diego State University.

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