Support Quality Childcare at SDSU

At the SDSU Children’s Center, we understand that raising children while going to school is a unique challenge. It is a balancing act, and we admire those who put in the hard work and strive for a higher education to improve the lives of their families. We believe every student-parent should have access to quality childcare on campus while they are completing their studies, and the SDSU Children’s Center provides just that.

The Children's Center provides children with a supportive environment in which to engage, explore, and learn. The exceptionally dedicated staff, creative approach to teaching and conveniently-located facility provide student-parents with the opportunity to succeed in a way they might not be able to without the help of the Center.  

With our limited means each year, we strive to maintain a high-quality program for future teachers as well as the children and families enrolled.  SDSU student interns learn the art of teaching while being supported by experienced Master Teachers who guide them in their application of academic knowledge into real practice.  

None of this can happen without your support and that of others who share our vision of every child, each family and student, to achieve success and meet their goals.  Please join us and help make a difference.  Your donation will enable teachers to purchase materials and supplies for classroom use by children; help to build a scholarship fund for student parents who need help financing their childcare fees; provide training for student teachers working with the children; and improvements to the facility to deepen and expand the learning experience within the Center.  We are asking you to support the work being done on campus by the SDSU Children's Center, a quality service provided by Associated Students on the SDSU campus. 

Give a Gift

Your donation of $34 could purchase…

24 pairs of Children’s Scissors
27 packets of Carrot Seeds
3 gallons of Glue
3 Solar System Floor Puzzles

Your donation of $56 could purchase…

7 pounds of Beads
11 Tomato Plants
1,500 sheets of Drawing Paper
373 Lego Bricks

Your donation of $89 could purchase…

1,200 Crayons
9 Library Books
10 Finger Paint Sets
240 Glue Sticks

Your donation of $129 could purchase…

1 Indoor/Outdoor Easel
36 Jumbo Watercolor Sets
14 Library Books
312 Paintbrushes

Any dollar amount will help. Donate now to make the difference for children, families, students and the SDSU community.

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