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Author Advocates Free Play in USA Today

An article from Children and Nature Network

Make-believe is more than child’s play. It’s crucial to the development of creativity, empathy, learning and problem-solving, but it’s being squeezed out of the lives of many children, says psychologist Susan Linn. In her new book, The Case for Make Believe: Saving Play in a Commercialized World (The New Press, $24.95), Linn says parents must limit their children’s screen time and give them simple tools that encourage creative play. USA TODAY talks to her about the building blocks of make-believe.

Art, Literacy and Learning

View a PowerPoint based presentation on children and art.

Desired Results Brochure

This brochure introduces the Desired Results Program. With the program, teachers will observe a student to make notes on his or her progress.

Food Nutrition Labels

Helpful information for reading food nutrition labels.

YMCA Service

Visit the YMCA’s website, for valuable information.

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